Resource Abuse Policy

The below given information is required to have a look before using your account. The information will tell you about the Resource Abuse Policy & Conditions.

Websites that exploit a high amount of server resources such as network resources, memory usage, CPU etc. on our shared servers will be given an option to improve their account to a Virtual Private Server plan or dedicated server.

Misuse and abuse of the shared resources is a considerable matter and must be taken as a serious issue. The company may limit the memory and CPU when accounts on a shared server do not share resources with other users

The company does not permit high resource intensive sites such as website where downloading is performed in the form of music and video files or where heavy or excessive amount of traffic exists.

If one is using memory and CPU excessively, it causes a slow process in HTTP, Email, FTP, MySQL and other related aspects. We are fair to every client we deal with and the shared server is just not used by one or two clients and others are suffering because of it.

The company has the right to suspend the account of the client so that the operation normal and hindrance free. The client finds the usage increasing, we recommend the client for VPS or dedicated server.


If you don’t want to upgrade to the dedicated server after your account is suspended keeping in mind the resource abuse, the company will release the suspension after reviewing of the site within 24-72 hours. This is performed to stop the further damage and issues. Then you can get the backup of your files that you can get through ‘Control Panel’.

If you have any doubt the action we take, you can contact us through the phone numbers and address mentioned on the site.